How to Create a Strong Blogging Foundation

My high school football coach, mentor, and former NFL receiver, Chris Sanders, used to always give the team very inspirational guidance every Thursday, before our Friday night showdowns. One discussion stuck with me and I will never forget it. To my best ability, I’m going to retell the story that changed my mentality, helping me start this blog.
Imagine that you work for your father, who owns a construction company. You are the one whom he trusts with constructing extravagant homes of amazing quality. In order to cut total construction time, you decide to take shortcuts in building process by ignoring the small details. They still turn out to look beautiful, but lack in their internal structure and foundation. The homes you are building suffer extreme weaknesses to aging and weather conditions. They are prone to leaking when it rains and are far from energy efficient. For many years, you are able to get by in producing these “luxurious” homes that lack in structure. After you finish building your last home–which looks amazing–by taking the same short cuts to speed up the process, your father hands you the keys. He tells you that for your dedication in helping construct all of those amazing homes, he planned to have you build your very own without you knowing. You feel like you have just shot yourself in the foot for constructing your own home without proper foundation.
Moral of the story … foundation is everything. If you try to take shortcuts in life, you will be filled with regret in the long run. Proper foundation determines the future of your structure. If you are starting a business, not taking the time to properly form it can lead it to crashing down in the near future. Same goes for a blog or website. If you ignore seemingly meaningless details, you will struggle in the long run with not only obtaining a decent ranking in google, but also keeping your audience. If your mindset is to only make money with your blog, you will do everything it takes without delivering quality to your audience. Focusing on actually helping people will be make them much more likely to return and may even spread the word of your site. It is much more rewarding to your reputation and monetary goals to have an audience that trusts and benefits from your information and advice.

Building the Foundation for Your Blog

Many refuse to realize the mechanics of a successful blog. A well established blog relies almost entirely the small details that the your audience may not even notice. It’s the mentality of producing content of amazing quality and nothing less. Don’t jump right into making a blog until your create a general game plan. Avoid wasting time doing so, but don’t create a blog blindly. Get a sheet of paper and write a few things down. For example:
My long term goal is…..
My blog will be about…
Once you decide what niche or topic that your blog will be about, write down as many posting ideas as possible. If you can easily write down 30 ideas, you should continue to pursue this blog. If not, find something else that you are truly interested in.
Now that you have a simple outline of what is going to be posted, focus on these key points.
-Identifing and Setting Clear Goals
Stick to a Posting Schedule
-Focus on Enriching the Lives of your Audience
-Be Open Minded and Willing to Learn
Although it may seem like a no brainer, successful bloggers aren’t necessarily the smartest, but they follow each point above carefully. The rest will follow as long as you aren’t clueless of what’s acceptable and what is not. A blogging foundation is not a formula. Be different, but have the mentality to help others in whatever you do! In doing so, you will establish a healthy relationship with your audience and promote the growth of your blog. Trust what I’m saying; the money will follow!





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