Sticking to a Precise Schedule

Proper scheduling is a major key to ensuring the success in anything you do. We all know what a schedule is, but we often fail on sticking to it. Treat your schedule like a goal. Actually, it would be even more beneficial to treat your schedule as a bill. If you don’t pay a bill, you suffer from late fees, credit damages, and trust lost. Think of your schedule in the same way. Learn to reward yourself for sticking to it and punish yourself (Not Physically!) when you do not. Here are a few points that will help you start following and sticking to a precise schedule.

1. Identify Your Goal and the Reward

By constantly reminding yourself what exactly you are working for and the reward that comes with it, you will be more willing to continue to push through hard times in order to get one step closer. Write down what you want to get out of accomplishing you goal and look back at that note whenever you feel like taking a day off. Although we all need a break, using your goal as an incentive to persuade yourself into work a little bit harder will pay off a ton in the long haul.

2. Plan Out Your Days

If you don’t know what tasks are to be completed tomorrow, you will surely fail at organization. Take the time to schedule out your next couple days. Avoid hitting the snooze button and get down to business. Already know what you are going to wear and eat for the day. Doing so will free up small amounts of time wasted during decision making. Small segments of wasted time, which are now saved, will add up and you will be surprised at how much more can be accomplished.

3. Use Smart Phone Reminders

Today’s age of technology has given us amazing abilities in productivity. Learn to plan out your day and place it in your iPhone’s Reminders app or Android Scheduling app. Doing so will ensure that you avoid “forgetting” to do something on time.

4. Learn to Say No!

When you try to follow a schedule, it’s very easy to become side tracked by small invitations, like an offer to go out for lunch. If you continue to go out whenever the topic comes up, you will likely fall behind. Either learn to politely say no or build a flexible schedule. A flexible schedule will allow you to move plans around. If you plan to blog around lunch time and eat a little later and receive a spontaneous invite for lunch, simply switch up your schedule and make sure that you will blog when lunch is over.

5. Reward Yourself Weekly

Promise yourself that you will stick to a precise schedule to the best of your ability. Plan to take some time for yourself to relax at the end of the week, only if you have put in 100%. If you had trouble during the week with staying on task, use this time to catch up! Just avoid getting in the habit of playing the game of catch up.
By following these steps, you will give yourself a much better chance at staying productive! A precise schedule will go a long way. When you are unsure about your decision making, ask your future successful self what would they have done in your situation. Would you have taken that day off or spent the extra 30 minutes to push your self closer to you goals?


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