Why you Don’t see Lamborghini Commercials

Have you ever wondered to yourself “Why have I never scene a Lamborghini commercial?”. The truth is, this is not an accident.  Due to the demographics of the average consumer of television, it would be pretty pointless. Not to belittle anyone, but the typical person with the time to watch television during the day can not afford a Lamborghini. Is that true for everyone? Not at all! When you dig a little deeper into the topic, the average Lamborghini consumer is living a very busy and profitable lifestyle. When they aren’t working on their business, they are looking for more ways to improve it. When they’re not improving their business, they are on the road attending various meetings and events. When they’re not attending a meeting, they are enjoying life in ways that the television could not come close to fulfilling. Knowing this, what sense would it make for Lamborghini to pay money to launch commercials that would target those who are not looking to purchase anytime soon?
Lets forget the everything we said before and look at another possible reason. To this day, if you ask a child what their dream car is, many would not hesitate to answer with “Lamborghini!”. The fact remains that Lamborghini has such a reputable and iconic brand of producing The Ultimate Super Car. It would be considered socially ignorant for someone to not recognize the brand name and this fact gives them even more reason to not launch a public advertising program. Their consumers are limited in number and would go directly to the dealership if they desired a new car. Preventing the mass display of their new cars on television allows for a greater Oooo…Ahhhh moment when people see the car for the first time.

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