Optimizing Your Blog for SEO

Blogging has grown immensely over the internet and has offered countless opportunities for both young and old entrepreneurs. When starting a blog, you must learn a few techniques to give your site a better chance to be discovered. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, helps make this happen by ensuring that your content has the least amount of competition.
Say you want to start a blog post on cool cars. If you type “cool cars” into Google, you will find that over 150 Million results will appear. gogleresults
These results define the amount of articles containing the topic of “cool cars”. In other words, these 150 Million articles are your competition. Not that you are necessarily trying to compete, but if you want to get noticed quicker, you must take a few different approaches to limit the other results. Following these steps will give your site a better shot at appearing on the front page of Google when someone searches a topic of your expertise.

1. Alphabet Soup Technique

A simple, yet extremely effective way to limit you blog post competition is by searching for the less sought after keywords within google. With the “cool cars” example, simply type a space after the topic and Google will list more search predictions.


Simply repeat the process until you find a topic with fewer results. The smaller the number of results means you will have less blogs to compete with since the topic is less known or talked about.

2. Focus on the Low Competition Niche

Step 1 will allow you to discover blog topics of low competition. Once you choose the topic, do more research on that particular topic. Further research will produce more blog post ideas that will already have a small amount of competition due to the nature of the less competitive niche.

3. Take Action

Now that you have done the research and gathered some ideas, you are ready to start creating your blog post. Focus on the quality of a single post versus creating a bunch of poorly written articles.

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